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How we got our start

Not long ago, Thc Hemp Spot’s founder was checking into a hotel while traveling for business.  The front desk concierge went through the usual schpiel: “Breakfast starts at 7…. Checkout is at 12… The bar around the corner opens at 6…” and so on.  As I went up to my room to get settled in, that part about the bar was ringing in my ears.  Not much of a drinker (preferring my relaxation to be of a more herbal variety), I went back to the front desk and delicately asked the concierge if he knew where it was possible to find some “cannabis” in town.  To my surprise, the concierge suggested a CBD shop about a ten-minute drive away.


The Truth

Unfortunately, what the “legalization” process has ultimately done is create another “boys club” where barriers to entry have been erected (things like licensure requirements, exorbitant taxes, a cumbersome regulatory environment, etc.) that vastly add to the initial start-up costs and make it damn near impossible for average folk to start a business and take steps toward financial freedom.

Our goal is to carve out a small slice of freedom in this beautful world of cannabis that for too long has been under an arbitrary political prohibion.

Our Products

We source the finest legal Delta-8 THC for your pleasure and ship to many US states.

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