Reason #420 why smoking is superior to drinking

by | Dec 18, 2021

*originally published to our email newsletter on 12/2/2021*

What up!

Last night, my company had its “White Elephant” gift exchange holiday party.  It was a ton of fun and watching the best gifts getting stolen over & over again made for great entertainment.  Of course, as is customary at events like this, we all had at least one or two adult beverages.

Soon enough, members of the party were noticeably buzzing.

Fortunately, no one did anything too crazy or embarrassed the group, but the volume of people’s voices & the number of cuss words being used both started to increase dramatically.  It was hard not to peer around to the rest of the restaurant as another “M***** F*****” was dropped.

Perhaps we were lucky though, because some of the folks who’d been with the company longer than I started reminiscing about a previous Christmas Party they’d held at the same restaurant a few years back.  Apparently, a former employee had gotten so messed up that he’d actually passed out on the reception waiting area bench.  And this was during normal restaurant business hours when parents were coming to have dinner with their children.  Needless to say, he got kicked out.

And that is reason #420 why cannabis is superior to alcohol.

If we’d been celebrating the holiday with some green, I can guarantee that no one would have ended up blacked out on the restaurant’s waiting bench.

The problem is that State prohibition of cannabis and their propaganda against its use have made this great plant socially unacceptable.  Alcohol, on the other hand, remains perfectly acceptable.

Lucky for us, the perception of cannabis use – especially among younger people – is changing.  On top of that, the rise of Delta-8 THC products in the marketplace has effectively repealed prohibition.

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