The case for driving high

by | Dec 7, 2021

What up!

It’s been no secret in these pages that we hold a preference for the market to provide for societal needs over the political & bureaucratic solutions that others would argue for.

You probably also get the sense that we’re willing to take that position to its most absurd (& controversial) logical conclusions. 

Most absurd and most controversial might be that of opposition to punishments associated with driving-while-high criminal statutes.  The reasoning behind this position stems from the same reasoning that drives our position on any other issue – that the initiation of force against the innocent is wrong.

“But…” they might say, “… someone driving high is a danger to everyone else on the road just like someone who is driving drunk!” 

In their minds, the only solution to this major societal problem is for the politicians to pass laws against driving high, the cops to develop breathalyzer-type tools & other tactics to forcefully combat it, and the judicial system to penalize & discourage such behavior via the imposition of harsh punishments.

Granting the base assumptions of that argument to be true, it still does not follow that Big Daddy government is the only way for We The People to overcome the danger of cannabis-toking cabbies.

Most likely, in a world based around market transactions & voluntary relationships, ensuring the roadworthiness of drivers would largely fall to insurance companies. If those companies deemed that it was in their interest to crack down on high drivers, they would find ways to get drivers to voluntarily submit to protocols to achieve those ends.

Perhaps, after they’d successfully funded the development of an effective weed detector, if they’d been offering a standard coverage at a rate of $2,000 per year, they might start offering a rate of $1,000 per year to anyone who would agree to use a weed detector prior to getting behind the wheel.

They’d surely have people smarter than me to come up with even better ideas than that (if such brilliance is possible).

Anyways, wouldn’t a solution to this so-called problem that is based on voluntary agreements be preferable to one based on preemption, threats, & coercion? 

We think so too.

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