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A Cowboy Cop’s Surprising Stance on the Drug War

by | Apr 6, 2024

Imagine a world where a weathered Texas lawman rides into town, not to round up cannabis consumers but to argue for ending the disastrous War on Drugs. Sound far-fetched? Meet Howard Waldridge, a retired police detective who saddled up his trusty horse Misty and rode from LA to NYC, spreading a provocative message: legalize it!

After 18 years busting small-time pot offenders and watching families torn apart, this rough-and-tumble cowboy cop had an epiphany: prohibition causes far more harm than good. Waldridge never saw a single case of marijuana-induced violence, yet witnessed countless lives ruined by arrest and incarceration. Meanwhile, the real threats to public safety – like drunk drivers – rolled on by.

In Waldridge’s experience, cannabis proved far safer than legal alcohol for both users and the community. So why are we spending billions and shredding the Constitution in an unwinnable war against a plant? It’s high time for an honest, liberty-minded reassessment of marijuana laws in America. Stay tuned for more hard truths from the trail!

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