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Where We Come From & What We're About

Not long ago, I was checking into a hotel while traveling for business.  The front desk concierge went through the usual schpiel: “Breakfast starts at 7…. Checkout is at 12… The bar around the corner opens at 6…” and so on.  As I went up to my room to get settled in, that part about the bar was ringing in my ears.  Not much of a drinker (preferring my relaxation to be of a more herbal variety), I went back to the front desk and delicately asked the concierge if he knew where it was possible to find some “cannabis” in town.  To my surprise, the concierge suggested a CBD shop about a ten-minute drive away.

Having never been to a CBD shop, I decided to check it out, but was skeptical.  CBD (the version of hemp without THC) was not exactly what I was looking for.  There, I asked the guy behind the counter, “What’s up with this CBD stuff?  Is it anything like the real thing?”

“You probably want to try this Delta-8,” came the reply.  After some more questions and back & forth, I decided to give it a try and bought a gram of loose Delta-8 flower and a Delta-8 pre-rolled joint coated in Delta-8 kief.  To my shock and bewilderment, the stuff did the trick.  The next day I went back to the CBD shop with a million more questions, primarily, “How did I not hear about this before?”

Thus, Thc Hemp Spot was born.  We are here to bring this beautiful product to your attention, deliver it your door, and to help you fulfill all your THC needs.


Beyond the above anecdote about our founding, a driving goal in creating Thc Hemp Spot was to help carve a slice of freedom out from under the Drug War’s tyranny.  Enough people have been stopped, harassed, detained, imprisoned, and worse because of arbitrary politico-bureaucratic prohibitions placed on this great plant.

The hemp plant, with it’s cannabis flower, must be free to be used and studied for the benefit of all humanity.  When freedoms are taken away, it is generally the market that finds a way to overcome.  The time for this plant to be used as an excuse to take away innocent people’s freedoms is quickly coming to an end.

To that end, the promise we make you is to always seek to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable possible prices.

In a new and fast-paced market, we pride ourselves in making sure we stay abreast of industry developments, and we do our best to pass what we learn along to you.  To learn more about cannabis, cannabinoids, hemp, flower, and Delta-8 THC, we have links and pages throughoutout this website devoted to that end.

We also publish a 2-3x monthly email newsletter that we encourage you to subscribe to at the bottom of this page.  By subscribing, you not only gain access to regular sources of cannabis & hemp-related infotainment, but you also receive exclusive deals & discount offers.  Plus you’ll be the first to be notified when we release new products.

Thanks for stopping by Thc Hemp Spot!