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Good Cops Defect to the Legalization Movement

by | Apr 15, 2024

Freedom Friends,

The last post exposed the propaganda campaign behind pot prohibition and the sprawling drug war bureaucracy it spawned. Today, some good news from the front lines: a growing number of law enforcement veterans are defecting from the drug warrior camp and enlisting in the legalization movement!

Back in 2002, Howard “Cowboy Cop” Waldridge helped found LEAP – Law Enforcement Action Partnership (originally Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). In just a few years, this scrappy band of outspoken ex-cops and prosecutors grew into an international force 40,000 strong. With the zeal of converts, they bore witness to the drug war’s staggering human toll and utter failure to curb drug use.

These front line freedom fighters know from hard experience that the bloodiest battlegrounds of the drug war are found not in cartels, but in the Bill of Rights. They’ve watched in horror as the drug war shreds due process, fills our prisons to bursting, and sows violence in vulnerable communities – all while failing to make a dent in addiction. LEAP understands that replacing the ham-fisted hand of prohibition with the invisible hand of a regulated market is the only sane path forward.

When drug war defectors speak, the public listens. After all, if the cops tasked with waging the drug war admit it’s an abject failure, maybe there’s something to this legalization stuff! Bad laws are no match for good men with the courage to follow the truth. The drug peace movement is reaching critical mass – stay tuned for ideas on getting involved!

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Peace and Pot,

David Campbell

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