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The Prohibitionist Propaganda Machine Exposed

by | Apr 8, 2024

Fellow Liberty Lovers,

In the last post, we met Howard Waldridge, the retired detective galloping across the country to end the War on Drugs. But our cowboy champion of cannabis faces a formidable foe: the relentless propaganda campaign that’s been waged against marijuana for nearly a century.

Reefer madness, the “devil’s weed,” a “gateway drug” – since the 1930s, the American people have been fed a steady diet of hysterical anti-pot rhetoric by drug warriors determined to mistake and exaggerate cannabis’ effects. Armed with pseudo-science and fueled by racism and moral panic, they built a massive drug-fighting bureaucracy bristling with military gear to take down the dreaded menace of mellow potheads!

Over 50 federal agencies now collaborate to spy, raid, seize and imprison in the name of marijuana prohibition. Billions of our tax dollars are poured into a futile effort to eradicate a plant that’s used by millions of upstanding citizens from all walks of life. Whatever happened to “Land of the Free”?

Libertarians understand that a truly free society doesn’t cage people for consuming a substance safer than alcohol. We reject the nanny state notion that government should police personal behavior and basic freedom of consciousness. The drug war propaganda machine threatens core American liberties – and it’s founded on fearmongering and falsehoods. More to come on how courageous activists are fighting back!

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In liberty,

David Campbell

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