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Back to the place where it all began!

by | Mar 9, 2022

What up!

No, it hasn’t exactly been a year that we’ve been in business – we’ve still got a couple of months to go before we hit that milestone.

But we have made it a year in another sense…

Our first sales after we launched this e-commerce business last year took place (ironically) in person when we bought a business table & attended the Libertarian Party of North Carolina’s state convention.

This past weekend was the 2022 state convention for the LPNC – and we bought a business table & attended again!  So while we’re still shy of a full twelve months, it’s a year if we’re counting time from LPNC state convention 2021 to LPNC state convention 2022.

We’re grateful to have made it this far, and want to share that gratitude with you.

For the next 24 hours (actually, a little more than 24 hours), we’ve made available coupon code LPNC25 for you to take a whopping 25% OFF your order!

That coupon code comes down tomorrow at midnight PST, so take advantage of this RARE DEAL while you can!

Just click over to:

From your friends at Thc Hemp Spot

This has been another edition of “420 Words”

P.s. You also still get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $100!!!

  • Three jars of Delta 8 hemp flower product against a white background.

    Bubba 39 Delta 8 THC Flower

  • Three jars of Delta 8 hemp flower product against a white background.

    Cheese Delta 8 THC Flower

  • A gold foil package of Delta-8 THC chocolate bars on a white background.

    Delta 8 Edible – Chocolate Bars

  • A jar labeled as containing 500mg Delta-8 THC infused gummies, pictured with several loose gummy candies in pink, orange, yellow and green colors.

    Delta 8 Edible – Organic Gummies 10mg