California dispensaries are having payment processing problems too

by | Dec 10, 2021

What up!

Traveling for work again, this time in California, I took a minute to check out the cannabis dispensaries in the land of the world’s first pot shops.  Turns out, we’re not the only business in the cannabis industry that has been dealing with payment processing problems.

One wouldn’t take plastic payment at all – only cash.  The other had a very bizarre system that I didn’t understand at first…

My order came to something like $20.42.  The guy explained that they had to round up the purchase to the nearest $5, and then they would refund me that difference in cash.  Plus, there was a $3 fee that was added to every transaction.  Reading my confusion, he explained further that it was set up to function as an ATM transaction.

That’s when I understood – the only way for them to accept credit cards was to set it up as if they were operating an ATM.  Crazy, right?

We can certainly sympathize with these kind of difficulties.

We can also sympathize with your pocketbook – and want to help out. 

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