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Greatness lost to stupid cannabis prohibition

by | Apr 19, 2022

What up!

Every once in a while, it’s difficult not to go down some kind of YouTube rabbit-hole.  Over the last year, the two primary rabbit holes that their algorithm took me down were stories from people telling their sasquatch/bigfoot experiences and highlight videos of top MMA fighters.

The sasquatch/bigfoot rabbit-hole was super fun – although it got a little crazy at a certain point.  Bigfoot is one of those “conspiracy theories” that I would love to believe are true – along with the moon landing being faked & Michelle Obama being a man.

The MMA rabbit hole was more exhilarating.  It also lent itself to me becoming a fan of different guys and wanting to learn more about their personal histories to learn about what led to these guys becoming the ferocious fighters they are.

Probably my favorite that I came across was a guy from Stockton, California named Nick Diaz.  He was known for tremendous boxing skills, strong grappling abilities with a black-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and exceptional cardio.  He would constantly throw beautifully placed punches that appeared to be thrown almost at half power, but they were relentless and would consistently hit their target.  Over the course of five 3-minute rounds, Nick would wear his opponents out by never letting up & never taking a moment off.  His highlight videos are really something to watch.

Unfortunately for Nick, he tested positive for marijuana and was suspended for 5 years by the Nevada Athletic Commission.  These dudes make a living by getting into brawls on national television.  If they want to take the edge off in between fights with some chronic, who is anybody to judge? 

Though it was later rescinded, the stupidity of that ruling stole some of Nick’s prime years of fighting away from him, and cost him the chance at possibly being known as the greatest to ever do it.  On top of that is the money he lost and the memories the fans lost.

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