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Guess what made me applaud for some cops

by | Oct 7, 2022

What up!

More often than not, when talking about cops in this email, it’ll be to condemn them for behavior that would be considered criminal in any other context.

The vast majority of the time, instead of solving & preventing actual violent crimes against identifiable victims, they’re stealing from people through giving tickets to innocent motorists, or they’re locking people in cages through their enforcement of drug prohibition laws.

Regardless of the good intentions of the individual cops when they sign up to do the job, it is a fact that they work for the politicians – not for the people.  Because of that fact, it’s difficult to expect much more from these “public servants” than the tickets and the jail cells that we get from them.

However, every once in a while it is possible to catch these political jackboots doing something that is actually human.

The other day, I was driving past a Chick-Fil-A parking lot and noticed that someone’s car had broken down.  It was the lunch rush-hour, and he was stuck in the middle of Chick-Fil-A’s drive thru line – bad timing.

Shockingly, there were some folks on site giving him a hand by pushing his dead car out of the way – and up a slight incline at that!

It wasn’t a random Good Samaritan (though there are plenty of those in the world) and it wasn’t someone from AAA (though that market-based service has proved to be revolutionary).  Rather, it was a couple of cops.  Fully decked out with all of their belt-based gizmos and their laughable Kevlar vests.  It was a hot & sunny summer day and they were both sweating bullets.

As I drove past them, I lowered my window and clapped my hands for them, making eye contact in the process.  It was comically apparent that they weren’t sure if I was mocking them or not; or perhaps it was just an example of the RBF that cops tend to walk around with.

Anyways, this is the kind of thing cops should be doing instead of shutting down our businesses, stealing from us, or taking away our freedom based on nothing more than the dictates of some politician.

Perhaps the services of protection & law enforcement would be better left to market forces instead of political ones.  The Delta-8 THC market has clearly demonstrated the superiority of market-based solutions over their political counterparts.

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This has been another edition of “420 Words”

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