Guess which Founding Father Smoked Pot

by | Jul 7, 2022

What up!

In George Washington’s diary, in his entry for May 12-13, 1765, he wrote that he had, “sowed seeds at muddy hole by swamp.”  Then, on August 7, his entry reads, “Began to separate the male from the female hemp… rather too late.”

In order to yield high-potency, high-THC hemp plants, it is necessary to separate the male from the female plants prior to cross-fertilization & pollination. When this happens, the THC resin-bearing female plants significantly increase their THC production.

Pot enthusiasts, knowing this, have long assumed that this diary entry from those many years ago indicate that George Washington was a weedhead.

In fact, rather than separating the plants by sex for purposes of creating high-potent, seedless hemp for recreation, he was actually “sexing the plants” in order to increase the yield of hemp seeds from his crops.  His goal was to, as he implored his fellow colonists, “Make the most of the Indian hempseed. Sow it everywhere.”

For Washington, home-grown hemp was a national security issue. He wanted the colonies to have their own supply so that they wouldn’t have to rely on other countries, particularly England, for such a critical & versatile natural resource.

Centuries later, the American government that Washington and his cohorts fought to establish made illegal that very substance that George was so concerned with.

I’d like to think that George would be appalled by this development, but who knows? This is the same guy who agreed to the First Bank of The United States in exchange for expanding the boundaries of Washington D.C. so that it would border his Mount Vernon estate and drive up the value of his property.

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