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How the Delta-8 market solves the fentanyl problem

by | Jun 2, 2022

What up!

We have all heard about fentanyl and all the people who are dropping dead from it. 

It’s a tragedy.

The places where could point our fingers in blame are numerous… the corrupt medical establishment, the war on drugs, and the propaganda, stigmatizing and laws against safer, more effective & more natural means of relief all share in the blame of these deaths.  And that list is far from complete.

Fentanyl’s primary danger is it’s difficulty to dose.  In the streets, without access to any kind of sophisticated lab equipment, it’s impossible to know how much you’re taking.

That would be solved if the pharmaceutical markets & black-market recreational drugs were subjected to the “Delta-8” treatment – AKA the free market treatment.

Delta-8 has proven that when a new “mind-altering” substance is introduced into the market, those supplying those substances will work to protect their customers, educate them about the ingredients they contain, and – most importantly of all – make available third-party Laboratory Reports that guarantee the potency of what’s being sold.

Fentanyl problems solved.  Or, in the very least, largely eradicated.

Those hypothetical benefits of moving opiate-based pharmaceuticals and black-market recreational drugs into the market have already been realized in the world of Delta-8 THC cannabis products.

These babies are perfectly legal, can be shipped anywhere in the country, and ALWAYS have a third-party Laboratory Report available for you prior to purchase.

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