If “they” legalize weed, this is what we’ll do

by | Dec 12, 2021

What up!

A question we’ve gotten a number of times since starting this business is, “What are you gonna do when they inevitably legalize weed at the national level?”

That’s a good question.  We’ve obviously tailored our business to providing solutions to those people who still live in parts of the country that identify this great plant as criminal.  We see Delta-8 THC as an amazing market-created solution to the dangers of political prohibition.

BUT… with the potential tax revenues and the huge grassroots support of cannabis legalization, it seems like only a matter or time before this political prohibition is officially repealed nationwide.

When that happens, is our business finished? 

The short answer is no.  We’ll keep trucking one way or another.  The longer answer is a little bit complicated.

Our desire would be to simply add Delta-9 THC products to our inventory and expand our product offerings.  The potential problem with that is – as seen in states like Washington, Colorado, California, and Massachusetts – the barrier to entry that politicians put in place in lieu of their prohibition can be immense.  I’ve heard stories that the cost of purchasing a state-issued cannabis license can be WELL into 5-figures.

That would be insurmountable for a boot-strapped husband & wife start-up like ours.

So… if we’re unable to buy into that new “boys club” (whenever it ends up being created) we’ll simply continue on with selling Delta-8 THC products.

If we can easily add Delta-9 products, we’ll continue to have Delta-8 products for sale right alongside them.  Regardless of Delta-9’s status there’s no doubt that, with its similar yet somewhat less intense effects, a market for Delta-8 will remain.

Regardless of all that, cannabis legalization is coming, we are grateful for that, and it would be a great Christmas present to everyone who has been or might be harassed (or worse) by the po-po for holding a plant.

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