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It’s 4:20 PM. Do you know where your buds are?

by | Aug 3, 2022

What up!

Back in the day, prior to the 10pm evening news coming on TV, it was common for news anchors to ominously ask, “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?”

Rightfully, comedians & satire song artists turned this fear-mongering nonsense into the laughingstock that it eventually became.

See, that phrase came into being during the summer of 1967 when a number of major cities enacted curfew dictates in response to rioting, and its original intent was to remind parents to get theirs kids off the street before the cops started rounding people up.

Anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of history would admit that it’s fair to assume that these so-called riots were in response to some governmental injustice.  

As they are want to do, politicians and powerful bureaucrats didn’t let this opportunity go to waste.  In addition to their obedient media members pushing parents to a new level of worry, the National Guard were called in, police officers were instructed to “fire if necessary”, hundreds of arrests were made, fines issued, and dozens of civilians killed.

While not much has changed since then, it is fortunate that we are no longer subjected to that cringe-worthy line at the beginning of our evening news.  Market forces have made it so that we no longer have to rely on those unreliable sources for our news.

Things like that should remind us of the benefits of living in the future.

Another great part of living in the future is that weed is legal.  Though nobody in Washington D.C. did anything to change the laws, the same market forces described above have led innovative entrepreneurs to completely bypass the corrupt State’s prohibition of this great plant through the development of Delta-8 THC products.

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This has been another edition of “420 Words”

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