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Louisiana is going the way of California

by | Sep 2, 2022

What up!

There are states people are moving to in droves, and there are states which are being abandoned by anyone with the financial resources to do so.

California is always the first state that leaps to mind as an example of the latter, but the Empire State of New York actually comes in at #1 in terms of population decline.  Illinois takes second, Hawaii – surprisingly – is third, and California comes in 4th.

Right after California, having lost 0.9% of its population in 2021 (according to data from U-Haul and United Van Lines), is the Pelican State – Louisiana.

Like many of its compatriots on this list of quickly depopulating states, Louisiana is thick with taxes & regulations. Businesses are arbitrarily restricted, and expensive requirements are imposed. This manifested itself most blatantly when I stopped to grab myself a Delta-8 Vape Cartridge refill.

Turns out, you can’t buy Delta-8 vape product in Louisiana.

Apparently, in Louisiana, while it is okay to sell Delta-8 edible products as well as bulk flower, it is not okay to sell ‘smokeables’. The guy behind the counter explained that when this new legislative political dictate went into effect in 2022, some shops ignored it.

“They were quickly shut down,” he explained.

For those who can’t figure out why these states are failing (as measured by how people are voting with their feet), the above sentence sums it up perfectly.  Legitimate businessmen, selling a perfectly safe product, to perfectly willing customers, being prohibited from engaging in this voluntary & mutually beneficial transaction.

The politicians who think that they’re helping people with these babysitter-esque interferences in peoples lives are in fact doing nothing more than sticking their fingers in the eye of folks trying to make a living and hanging weights around their state’s economy.

The cops who enforce these nonsensical political dictates are not “protecting” or “serving” anyone.  Instead, they are doing nothing more than serving as the jackbooted thugs of their political bosses.

The cannabis industry should be vast and wide-ranging and it should offer an entrepreneurial opportunity to anyone with the desire to try and grab it.

At we’re happy to promote and be a part of the exciting market-driven Delta-8 THC path around the politicians, their dictates, and the cops who all to enthusiastically enforce those dictates.

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