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Muchies?? The case for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

by | Nov 21, 2021

*Originally published to our email newsletter on 7/28/2021*

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company announced that – at the end of 2022 – they will no longer sell their products in the occupied territories of the Palestinian west bank.  Airbnb did the same things back in 2019, and state & government agents threw just as much of a conniption fit then as they are now.

Long-running propaganda and media campaign efforts by the Israeli/Zionist government and their clients in Washington D.C. have results in the American public largely believing that the modern nation-state of Israel (established through a militaristic ethnic cleansing campaign in 1948) is under siege from the evil Palestinian Muslim terrorists in the country next door.

All it would take to know the truth – that Israel has been kicking Palestinians off their land and stealing it for almost 3/4 of a century – would be to look at a map of the land situation’s progression.

It also wouldn’t hurt for major companies and celebrities to publicly condemn and announce their protests of Israel. The BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) was the only thing that worked to end South African apartheid, and the reaction of those who have an interest in maintaining the current status quo is indicative of their fear of BDS taking hold with regards to Israel.

Using the powers of the State that the vested interests of Israeli Zionism wield, they have created a list called “Scrutinized Companies that Boycott Israel” and placed both Ben & Jerry’s and Airbnb on it (although Airbnb later backed down over the backlash and has since been taken off the list).

Once placed on that list, the board of directors of listed companies are barred from purchasing stock in those companies, and there are U.S. states (including FL & TX) that have passed laws making it illegal for the state to enter into contracts with any company on this list. In fact, there are more than 30 U.S. states that have anti-BDS laws, and Israeli politicians and diplomats are using every tool in their box to punish this company that would dare draw attention to their criminality.

Hopefully Ben & Jerry’s will prove to have more of a backbone than Airbnb did. Studies show that as many as 25% of Jewish American voters would label Israel an apartheid state – and that number grows every day. States all over the world, including & especially the state of Israel, maintain their power through propaganda, intimidation, and violence. The only way to fight against that power is to change public opinion and/or to punish them financially.

Ben & Jerry’s is accomplishing the former by working on the latter, and the Zionist agents of the state are fighting back. The way for us to help this deserving cause would be to satisfy our munchies with a few tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The act of calling out and working to fight against evil is laudable and worthy of our support.

So, after you take advantage of our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION (still going on until Saturday at midnight), go stock up on some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and know that while satisfying your munchies, you’ll be helping the cause of so many Palestinians who have been the victims of systemic oppression for far too long.

Head over to, use coupon code GRAND30 (while you still can) for 30% OFF, and get your munchies on!

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