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“People were smoking weed all over the place”

by | Nov 21, 2021

*Originally published to our email newsletter on 11/4/2021*

Waiting in line to go through the TSA body-scanners at the airport earlier this week, I overheard a conversation between a couple fellow travelers…

The man who had been visiting Charlotte was remarking about his night out while in town and the fact that – according to him – people were smoking weed everywhere!

I’m sure he wasn’t exaggerating. It’s incredibly common, and the stigma has all but disappeared.

Not only has the stigma largely disappeared, but so too has the cops’ desire to enforce petty marijuana laws. In Charlotte North Carolina, where cannabis isn’t even legal for medicinal purposes let alone for recreation, most cops that I talk to simply have no desire to spend their time chasing people around for a few grams (or even more) of hemp flowers.

The cops have the final say in enforcement.  It doesn’t matter how many laws politicans pass, or how many diktats high-level bureaucrats speak into existence, as long as cops are unwilling to enforce them, they won’t be enforced.

Which is good news for you and me.

There are still parts of the population that are more targeted than others and certain municipalities & jurisdictions that take a harder stance than their neighbors, but by and large, the days of looking over our shoulder or getting paranoid that “the cops are coming” and “Shit! They know!” are over.

The market has even taken things a step further in states like North Carolina with the advent of Delta-8 products.  Even though it’s essentially the exact same thing as the illegal version, the cops here have no intention of cracking down on it and there are no rumblings that “our” politicians have any intention of legislating against it.

So, now you and I are able to buy & sell high-quality buds via the internet with zero fear of harrassment.

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