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Ron Paul, the antipothead

by | Nov 30, 2022

The great Ron Paul gave a fantastic speech recently at the Mises Institute’s 40th anniversary celebration.  Over the course of almost 40 minutes, Dr. Paul took the audience down memory lane with story after story from his time in Congress and from his experiences helping good ol’ Lew Rockwell found the Mises Institute way back when.

It was the best 40 minutes I’ve spent on YouTube in a long time.

Ron Paul – I’m 99.6% certain – has never once consumed cannabis for recreational purposes.  The man is probably the squariest square who’s ever lived.  He grew up the son of a milkman and spent his childhood delivering milk.  He married his high school sweetheart and remains faithfully married to her more than 50 years later.  He delivered thousands of babies into the world in his career as an obstetrician.  He exercises daily even today and remains youthful at the age of 87.  The man is the definition of a old-school gentleman.  He rarely consumes alcohol let alone any kind of drugs.

Yet he advocated for the abolition of the government’s war on drugs throughout his entire tenure as a US Representative.

In South Carolina, during a Republican presidential nomination debate, in front of an evangelical Christian conservative audience, he agreed that he would favor legalization of drugs all the way up to (gasp!) heroin.  After the audience’s boos died down, he sarcastically asked, “How many of you would use heroin if it were legal? I bet no one!”  Then, in a silly voice he mocked them saying, “Oh yea, I don’t wanna use heroin. I need these laws!”

He changed minds that night with just a few simple words of truth said in jest.

His larger position – which is difficult to get to in a 30-second debate response – was simply that people should be free.  He knew that state imposition of morality could only possibly lead to injustice.  He knew that family, friends & community are far better equipped to deal with the problems of addiction than politicians or bureaucrats. He knew that free-market provision of recreational substances will lead to higher quality and better consistency than when those same substances are provided by a black market.

If he knew about the phenomenon of Delta-8 THC products – he would never try the products – but he would no doubt be supportive of the industry’s concept.  The free market effectively ending state prohibition is something that would bring a smile to the good doctor’s face.

And that brings a smile to my face.

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