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Suicide by cannabis prohibition

by | Nov 1, 2022

Two high school friends liked to smoke weed together.  

After school or on the weekends, they would hang out, burn some trees, and ride skateboards.  They naturally grew apart post graduation, but both continued puffing the magic dragon.

Friend #1 was able to mostly avoid law enforcement’s anti-cannabis ire.

Friend #2 was not so lucky.

By his mid-20s, he had been arrested for cannabis three times and ended up locked in a cage each of those times.

Tired of draconian punishments for consuming a plant, he switched to alcohol.  

He stopped getting arrested, but ended up an alcoholic with an entirely new set of problems.  He had a baby with the local trash queen who was flush with plenty of her own problems. He acquired a taste for harder drugs, and lost custody of his child. Unable to get his s*** together enough to regain custody, he ended his life.

Clearly, Friend #2 had demons he was wrestling with, but one can’t help but wonder if his story would have ended differently if he’d just been free to continue smoking weed.

Regrettably, politicians pass stupid laws, jack-booted cops unquestioningly enforce them, and lives get destroyed.

If he had been born a couple decades later, he could have gotten his same high via fully-legal Delta-8 THC cannabis products without fear of being locked in a cage. He wouldn’t have had to make the choice of switching to alcohol.  His life may not have spun out of control.

Alcohol is almost as dangerous as the cops.  So, don’t become an alcoholic and watch out for the cops.

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