Sunshine, Music, Food, and Love Making

by | Nov 18, 2021

*originally sent to our email newsletter on 6/30/2021*

Way back during freshman year of college, they hosted a debate on the legalization of marijuana.  A former DEA officer argued the “continued prohibition” position, while a counter-culture former hippie argued for legalization.

You can probably guess which side of the argument most of the student body fell on… I still remember the friend that I went with showing up in a Bob Marley t-shirt and declaring he’d decided to “rock a flag”.

There were at least a few memorable moments that I still recall, but one in particular stands out…

Mr. Counter-Culture, in an attempt to get Mr. DEA to give the plant a try, painted a picture of the ideal cannabis-enhanced afternoon & evening.  On a warm sunny day, they’d go to a field, and bring a few friends & a ball to throw around.  They’d put on some music and groove to the tunes.  They’d eat some food.  Finally, Mr. Counter-Culture would bring Mr. DEA home to his wife.

The way he said “his wife” (and probably the ‘elevated’ state of mind most of the audience was in) caused an eruption of knowing laughter.

From my experience, the point he was trying to make was spot on.  Each and every item on his “Ideal Day List” already serves to bring joy and happiness into the lives of those who enjoy them.  Add in the effects of cannabis’s THC compound, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a ideal day.

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