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The best Thanksgiving dinner of all time

by | Nov 21, 2021

*Originally published to our email newsletter on 11/19/2021*

When developing content for these newsletters, it’s easy to reminisce back on my college days.  During those four years, I earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, but could have easily also earned a PHD in cannabis. 

Spring semester my freshman year, I took an elective called “Understanding the ’60s”.  It was easily my favorite class that semester.  The professor was this old hippie dude who was very active in the counter-culture movement of the ’60s & ’70s.

A quote of his that I’ll never forget is “Every time they pass a new law, they take away another one of our freedoms.”  That has really stuck with me in the years since.

Another classic Professor Hippie story comes from his telling of a Thanksgiving dinner he & his friends had back in their glory days of the late-60s / early-70s.  The way he told it, they infused cannabis into everything they cooked that meal.

Now of course, in my day my friends & I have partaken of some cannabis-infused brownies made the old-fashioned way – cooking cannabis buds into butter, allowing the fat in the butter to absorb the THC, and then using that butter as an ingredient in the brownies.  They were fun.

But he made it sound like they did that, only on steroids.  Cannabis-infused stuffing, cannabis-infused mashed potatoes, cannabis infused dinner rolls, and on and on.  He described it as the very best Thanksgiving dinner he’s ever had.

I don’t doubt that it was.

Fortunately for us, we live in the future and no longer have to slave over a stove trying to cook cannabis buds into butter.  Today, there is a whole industry dedicated to doing exactly that for you.  And they actually make their stuff taste like it’s supposed to taste – just try our Peanut Brittle if you don’t believe me!

Things really have come a long way, and we’re proud to bring to you some of the finest in Delta-8 THC cannabis products.

During this time of celebration, we want to help make sure your Thanksgiving is a memorable one too.  Over at, you can take advantage of our Thanksgiving Holiday coupon code TURKEY20 to take 20% OFF anything in the store!

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