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The problem with D.A.R.E. programs

by | Feb 26, 2022

What up!

Cops first made their way into schools in 1983, ostensibly to help teach young children about the dangers of abusing and becoming addicted to drugs.  It sounds innocent & benevolent enough, but as is often the case with government programs, the truth is that the stated goals & produced outcomes are almost diametrically opposed.

To begin with, it makes no sense that it should be cops who are brought into the classrooms to teach children about this stuff.  In the very least, it should be someone with real expertise on & passion for the matter – not someone who only cares about the issue because their political bosses told them to.  It should be psychologists, counselors, former addicts telling their horror stories, or – better yet – the parents.

Another reason that “drug abuse resistance education” should be left to the professionals and not to the cops comes from LAPD police chief Daryl Gates (D.A.R.E. was his brainchild) and from what the cops were actually telling these kids.  Gates was of the opinion that casual drug users were guilty of “treason” and that they should be “taken out and shot” while classroom cops encouraged children to rat on their parents or neighbors if they smoked pot.

The D.A.R.E. program should also be questioned because of who its funders are.  Much of the money for the program comes through tax-exempt “donations” from the likes of Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Alcohol.  Far from a desire to “protect the kids!”, what these crony corporatists want is to stifle any potential competition for their products.

This financial reality helps to answer the question of – why was D.A.R.E.’s focus so much on pot when teenagers in the early ’80s were primarily using alcohol and tobacco?  Its funding came from alcohol and tobacco companies, that’s why!

Lastly, D.A.R.E. cops love to spread the idea – and it has become almost accepted as gospel – that pot is dangerous because it’s a “gateway drug” which will lead those who try it to harder drugs. 

The truth is that when kids start experimenting with pot and realize that it’s not this crazy dangerous drug that their D.A.R.E. cop had told them it was, they are more likely to think that same D.A.R.E. cop was lying about everything else.  It’s the fact that they’d been lied to that might lead them to ignore warnings about genuinely dangerous drugs more than anything about the nature of pot.

Today, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Alcohol have more competition than ever before, and that’s a good thing for the consumer.  As hard as greedy, crony, & corrupt individuals might try to fight it, market innovators & entrepreneurs will always be working to provide more cost effective and higher quality products to their customers.

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