The reason why Santa Claus should smoke some weed

by | Dec 20, 2021

What up!

The best thing about the THC cannabinoid is actually two things.

First is the communal aspect.  A group of friends passing a joint, blunt, or pipe around a circle is a very “together” kind of experience.  Countless happy memories have been created in just such circumstances.

Second is its effects.  Basically, everything that is already awesome is made even more so.  Food tastes better.  Music sounds better.  Movies are more entertaining.  Sex feels better.  It can even feel like the sun shines brighter & the leaves on the trees turn a more vibrant shade of green.

Flying around the Earth in a reindeer-pulled sleigh while delivering packages and bringing smiles to the faces of people across the world sounds like it would be pretty awesome.

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This has been another edition of “420 Words”

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