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They stole the momentum from our start-up business

by | Nov 21, 2021

*Originally published to our email newsletter on 10/15/2021*

Our business launched in mid-June earlier this year.  We were up & running for about 5-6 weeks before the rug was pulled out from under us.  In the time we were open, we managed to build some decent momentum, orders were coming in fairly regularly, and we were beginning to feel some excitement over where this endeavor might lead.

Then our bank told us they didn’t want to be in business with anyone in the cannabis industry.  Two days later, our payment processor told us the same thing.  We were left with a beautiful website, great products on hand, but no way to accept payments and no where to route the money even if payments were to somehow come through.

Overnight, our momentum was squashed and our business was lying dead in the water.

Now that we’ve figured out all of these headaches and are back in business, re-building that momentum back to where it was previously is proving to be & will continue to be a major challenge.

But we’ve got some plans to try and get our customers to come back to us…

First, we’re in the middle of writing a free “tell-all” downloadable eBook that will give the reader a blow-by-blow inside view of all the nonsense we’ve been dealing with over the last couple months while trying to get our business operational again.

We’ll be giving that book away for free to anyone who wants it, and we also plan on sending it out to podcast hosts with the hopes that they might invite us on to talk about our business as well as the trials & tribulations that have gone into building it.

Next, if you’ve ordered from us before, we’re going to send you a free gift in the mail along with a personalized note inviting you back to order from us again – check your mailbox!

Finally, we’re working to add more content & features to our website, primarily an affiliate program where you can sign up to essentially partner with us at Thc Hemp Spot, get your own dedicated website URL address, and when someone buys from us using your link, you’ll receive a commission for helping spread the word.

So, they can try to keep us down, but we’re going to keep fighting & clawing!

Come celebrate our Grand Re-Opening with us by heading over to, and using coupon code REGRAND30for a never-to-be-seen-again 30% OFF DISCOUNT!!!

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    Delta 8 Edible – Chocolate Bars

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