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Uncle Sam’s boot on Canada’s face

by | May 20, 2022

What up!

In 2018, Congress passed their annual Farm Bill – this time with a provision legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp.  Twenty years prior, in 1998, Canada did the same thing. Then, three years later, they legalized cannabis for medical therapeutic use. 

At the time, Canada and the US were on opposite trajectories when it came to the war on drugs. While Bush the Younger and his Drug Czar, John Walters were warning Canadian officials of political repercussions for resisting D.C’s demands, there were talks in Canada even of decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis for adult recreational use.

Uncle Sam wasn’t having any of that.

In the early 2000s, using 9/11 as a pretext, the US sent Blackhawk helicopters and unmanned drones to the northern border to catch terrorists (and pot smugglers).

Customs & DHS agents claimed the right to forbid entry to the US if the person desiring entry admitted to having tried cannabis once in their life. In one sad case, a Canadian mother who was searching for her lost daughter was denied entry into the US because of a multi-decade old cannabis arrest.

Soon, US meddling in Canadian affairs achieved the desired result.  In their 2006 elections, the government in Ottawa changed hands, and began reversing the trend on Canadian cannabis reform. 

John Walters (US Drug Czar) praised the new regime in Ottawa while Eugene Oscapella, a criminology professor at the University of Ottawa & Director of the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy said, “It boggles my mind that anyone can look to the United States as a model for anything except colossal failure.”

What followed was a mess. A surge in pot arrests, the construction of more prisons, more aerial patrols, more search warrants, and more asset forfeitures. Exactly like in the US.

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