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What are they calling a “dime bag” now-a-days?

by | Nov 21, 2021

*Orignially published to our email newsletter on 10/13/2021*

I’ve been a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan ever since the early-90s and Jim Kelly & company were losing four Super Bowls in a row.  After almost two decades of the team being a laughing stock, I was ready to move on from being a football fan entirely – the NFL’s rule changes were changing the game for the worse, and my favorite team was a perennial loser.

Then last year something changed.  They made it to the semifinals (the AFC Championship).  Their quarterback (Josh Allen) started playing as if he was the bizarre love-child of Dan Marino and Michael Vick.  Then this past Sunday night, they handily beat the team whom they had lost to last year in the semifinals.

I was pumped.

Watching highlights & commentary of the game since, I came across a video where Dawson Knox (one of Allen’s favorite throwing targets) was “mic’d up” for the game – AKA he was wearing a microphone so that everything he said and everything that was said to him during the game would be recorded.

Because football players curse and talk smack all game long, most of what gets recorded has to get edited out of the final video they release.  But I learned something new watching that video… NFL players are referring to great throws as “dime bags”.

I’ve heard of a great assist in basketball being called a “dime” before, but this was the first time I had heard “dime bag” used in this context.

To me, a “dime bag” has always been $10 worth of ganja.  But I think it’s fitting to use that term for a great pass in sports as well – $10 worth of ganja is awesome and so is a 53-yard touchdown pass from Josh Allen to Dawson Knox.

It’s also fitting because most of these players are regular users of cannabis.  They prefer the natural pain-relieving (**not an FDA approved statement**) effects of cannabis over the chemically-fabricated opiate pills that team doctors have been handing out like Skittles for decades.  They seem to also prefer altering their mindset with a few tokes of green as opposed to the hangover-inducing & body-destroying effects of alcohol.

Today, the stigma associated with smoking weed is almost entirely gone.  It’s really only the older generations who still stick their nose up at the idea of cannabis becoming an accepted recreational vice.

So accepted is cannabis in today’s society that even the NFL (nicknamed the “No Fun League”) has changed their rules such that a player who tests positive is not punished in the same way that they would have been previously.  They clearly have no problems with featuring a player referencing “dime bags” in a league-released video that will probably wind up with millions of views.

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