What we include with every shipment

by | Nov 21, 2021

*originally published to our email newsletter on 7/5/2021*

We’ve received some inquiries about how we ship Delta-8 products through the mail, and we figured if there are a few people asking, others might have the same question.

So here’s some information for y’all:

Of course, Delta-8 products, without the use of sophisticated lab equipment, are impossible to differentiate from their illegal Delta-9 cousin. So how exactly does this all work, right?

For one thing, we have lab reports available on our website for every single product we sell verifying that they contain less than the specified amout of Delta-9 THC. Beyond that, we include a document which details the contents as a “Shipment of Lawful Hemp”.  A hard copy of that document goes into every package we send out.

What about the smell factor?

For any purchase of edible products, there is no smell. When shipping the “aromatic” (pungent?) flower product, we vacuum seal the contents prior to packaging your order into the final shipping envelope. We do the same thing with our pre-rolls.

Some of our products – like the Delta-8 gummies – come pre-packaged in a glass container; we wrap those products in bubble wrap to protect the glass.

We use a small burlap sack w/ a tie-string to neatly package the contents of your order so that it isn’t just loose inside the shipping envelope.

On top of all that, while supplies last, everyone who buys from our website gets a complimentary “Thc Hemp Spot” sticker.

Plus, as part of our ongoing GRAND OPENING celebration – in addition to the insane 30% OFF dicsount we’re offering with coupon code GRAND30 – we’re also sending out a Free D8 Honey Stick with every puchase!

Get over to Thc Hemp Spot, use coupon code GRAND30for 30% OFF, and take advantage of the best deals anywhere in the Delta-8 market!

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