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Guess who gave us a MAJOR opportunity

by | Jan 30, 2022

What up!

When building an internet-based business, the biggest challenge between you and success is driving traffic to your new website.  Generally, it takes either a strong SEO (search engine optimization) game such that your website gets listed at the top of Google search engine results, or effective & targeted advertising.

While we at Thc Hemp Spot were able to create a fairly nice-looking and navigable website, we are far from the expert computer geniuses it would take to know how to successfully boost our SEO.

So we’ve focused on strategy #2 for driving traffic to our website.

When we first launched this business in the summer of 2021, foreign policy expert & libertarian content creator Scott Horton genorously had us on his show and has been advertising for us ever since.  When we were re-launching our business (after financial institutions shut us down for 72 days – read all about that story here), Pete Quinones similarly had us on his show, and he likewise has been advertising our business to his audience ever since.

If it weren’t for these two men and their generousity, we probably wouldn’t have much of a business.

Last week, the great libertarian OG Tom Woods, perhaps the most prolific living member of the so-called “liberty movement”, brought us on his show to talk about the great market-based answer to political prohibition of cannabis that has arisen through the development of Delta-8 THC products.

We had a great conversation, which you can check out here, and we are thrilled at having been given the opportunity to put our business in front of his audience.  In the few days since that episode was released, we’ve had an influx of new visitors to our site, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Tom, Scott, and Pete for helping us get word of our site into your earholes & our webpage in front of your eyeballs.

On Tom’s show, we made reference to this email newsletter as being another primary mode of advertising that we’ve been utilizing in addition to inviting ourselves onto other peoples’ podcasts.  As a result, there has been a wave of new subscribers to this newsletter, and we hope that you enjoy what we have to share.  Our goal is to provide entertaining & informative content in addition to offering the occasional special deal on our Delta-8 THC products.

In tribute to Tom Woods, coupon code WOODS will get you 15% OFF our entire website!

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From your friends at Thc Hemp Spot

This has been another edition of “420 Words”

P.s. We also offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $100!!!

P.p.s.  Coupon codes SCOTT and PETE are still available for 15% OFF, and you can always use those codes if you want to help support their shows with your purchase.

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